Is Vegetarianism 21st Century Dietary Medicine?

Is Vegetarianism 21st Century Dietary Medicine?

Dr. Henry Bieler, M.D., in his book Food Is Your Best Medicine practiced the use of food to primarily prevent and in some cases cure disease. It was the first book I read on my dietary transformation and it set me off on the right path to prevent those health crises my parents experienced. Carl Linnaeus (1701-1778) wrote “To live by medicine is to live horribly.” The iatrogenic diseases created by medication can sometimes be worse than the cure.  Can dietary disease be cured with a vegan diet?  Is the lack of vegetarian cuisine a major cause of America’s health crises?  My belief is that a person with a serious heart condition may need to take medication for immediate remedial relief, their best medicine for the reversal of the disease and quality of life is food and for heart disease vegetarian cuisine.

And any dietary endeavor to resolve heart disease has to marry the disciplines of human nutrition and culinary technique with the pleasure of the plate (great tasting cuisine). No human being will sacrifice taste for nutrition with any degree of sustainability.  Vegetarian Cuisine is dietary medicine.

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