Why Donate to ANF


Why Donate to the ANF?

  • The ANF understands the challenges of integrating vegan vegetarian cuisine into foodservice operations
  • The ANF is developing the first ever vegetarian certification program for professional chefs and needs financial support to complete the development of the certification program.
  • 90% of the money donated is allocated to and spent on the ANF’s mission.  The ANF has no salaried positions.
  • The American Natural Foods is the only non profit focused on educating professional chefs in the culinary art, science and marketing of Vegan and vegetarian cuisine.
  • The ANF has the only professional vegan chef in the US with 36 years foodservice experience (QSR to fine dining, Culinology, Numerous Culinary Certifications and International Culinary Olympics) in the art of developing and integrating vegan cuisine into foodservice businesses.  That experience is the foundation of the ANF’s ability to educate foodservice professionals in the art of vegan vegetarian cuisine.

America’s health is going to be won or lost in the kitchen and approximately 50% of the US food dollar is spent in restaurants or foodservice operations.  And vegetarian cuisine is emerging, with the ADA’s endorsement as part of the solution to many dietary related diseases such as heart disease and obesity if properly applied to dietary principles.

The fifty percent of US dollars spent on foodservice is the focus of the ANF.  Culinary schools, in general, do not have a comprehensive vegetarian curriculum that teaches apprentices/students or chefs the core culinary, nutritional and marketing principles of vegetarian cuisine.  Culinary professionals sorely lack formal training in Vegetarian and vegan cuisine and it shows in the restaurants.  Chefs generally serve vegetables with a grain like quinoa or pasta as the entrée.  They struggle with center of the plate entrée proteins, perceived value and the nutritional balance.  The ANF is focused on training foodservice professionals the art of professional vegetarian cuisine.

Preparing a great tasting vegetarian dish with eye appeal is a challenge in and of itself.  Many natural foods cooks succeed on that basic level.  But creating the same dish or, taking it to the Classical French Cuisine level and within the constraints of food and labor cost is an entirely different challenge.  The ANF’s education educational efforts are to address those challenges.

Donating to the ANF is crucial to teaching culinary professionals how to draft an innovative vegetarian menu with perceived value, prepare center plate cuisine and market it to both vegetarians and non-vegetarian consumers.  The ANF is a Non Profit whose sole mission is the on-going professional development of vegetarian cuisine and teaching the cuisine and nutrition to foodservice operators and chefs.  Educating culinary professionals in vegetarian cuisine is essential to addressing the increasing demand for this cuisine.  It directly impacts 50% of American’s dining out and specifically the 35% who dine on vegetarian cuisine as part of a balanced healthy diet.

Approximately Ninety percent of the money donated to the ANF is spent on the ANF’s Mission Statement such as developing the CVC program to be implemented by WACS on an international scale, developing professional training videos, creating vegan culinary school curriculums and the Culinary Olympic documentary.  The ANF will achieve its ongoing mission with your financial support.


Revenue is currently needed to complete the  CVC program and print the manuals, digitize 76 hours of the ANF’s 1992 and 1996 competitions video footage to begin the process of creating a documentary and work on advertising the program to professional chefs.  The ANF’s goal is to raise $50,000 and hopefully self fund from some of its educational activities.

The ANF is a 501 C3 Non Profit making your donation tax deductable.  Your support is sincerely appreciated.

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