Press Release – 23 Sep 1996

PRESS RELEASE – American Natural Foods Team wins a Solid Gold at Culinary Olympics

September 23, 1996

Berlin, Germany – Ron Pickarski, captain and founder of the American Natural Foods Team, has won a gold medal, with the ANF Team’s support, for his Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine displayed at the International Culinary Olympics which took place during September 8-12, 1996.  Now a five-time medal winner at the Culinary Olympics, Pickarski says this gold was won on Tuesday, September 10th with nearly a perfect score, and was the only medal awarded in the new Alternative category which featured only vegetarian displays.

On Monday,. The day before, Pickarski and team won a bronze medal with another totally vegetarian display which also featured only plant-based foods (no meat, seafood, dairy or eggs) in the traditional Hot Foods Displayed Cold category (B).  After competing in the International Culinary Olympics for 16 years using only plant-based foods, Pickarski says that his mission to spotlight vegetarian cuisine has been accomplished in this arena and this will be his last time to compete here- especially since the Alternative (vegetarian) category has now been established and a gold standard set for it.

The six-member American Natural Foods Team consists of Ron Pickarski, CEC (team captain, Brookline, MA), George Simons (team manager, Brookline, MA), Mark Shadle (It’s Only Natural, Middletown, CT), Guy Hemond (Boston Back Bay Hilton, Boston, MA), Chad Brodkin (Mt. Laurel Resort, Whitehaven, PA), and Bo Celotto (Green Street Café, Northhampton, MA), and George Czechura (Philadelphia, PA).   Alfonso Contrisciani, CMC, (Providence, RI), served as team coach and Dean Kropp (NYC) was team coordinator.

American Natural Foods, Inc. is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization.  Corporate donations for this event and future culinary competitions leading up to and including the International Culinary Olympics or Internationnale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA), September 8-12, 1996 in Berlin, Germany, is being provided by Arrowhead Mills Inc. (Hereford TX), Boston Back Bay Hilton, Devansoy Farms Inc. (Carroll, IA), Garden of Eatin’ Inc. (Los Angeles, CA), Eco-Cuisine Inc. (Brookline, MA), and Food Integrated Technologies Inc. (Brookline, MA).

Photos, video and recipes available upon request

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