Press Release – 2 Feb 2012

PRESS RELEASE – World Association of Chefs Societies Accepts ANF’s Proposal to Develop a Global Vegetarian Certification Program

February 2, 2012
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AMERICAN NATURAL FOODS, based in Boulder, CO, is pleased to announce the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), who sets the global gold standard for culinary education and manages the International Culinary Olympics, has approved ANF’s request to develop a Certified Vegetarian Cooks (CVC) intensive program for culinary professionals. The CVC will be the first Vegetarian certification program designed exclusively for profession chefs. Upon completing development of a certification program and, with WACS approval, the program will be implemented globally to teach the core vegetarian culinary, nutritional and menu/marketing skills necessary to be a competent vegetarian cook. The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and Eco-Cuisine, both located in Boulder, CO, are committed to supporting the development of the CVC certification program.

American Natural Foods, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to providing professional vegetarian culinary education for professional chefs and the general public by providing educational information and presentations, and by developing vegetarian curriculums. Originally it was focused on supporting its Culinary Olympic Team and now has shifted to culinary education. The primary source of funding, for ANF’s endeavors, is donations from the food service industry and general public.

In 1996, the 100 year anniversary of the International Culinary Olympics, which is held every 4 years in Germany, created the first vegetarian category in the history of this prestigious competition. That same year the American Natural Foods Vegetarian Team culminated 20 years of International Culinary Olympic competition making Culinary Olympic history by winning the first vegetarian Gold in the category. The objective of American Natural Foods participation in Culinary Olympic competitions originated to bring Culinary Olympic recognition to vegetarianism as a cuisine. Now we have the opportunity and the challenge to incorporate vegetarian culinary knowledge, developed over a lifetime of dedication by Chef Ron Pickarski, into mainstream culinary education.

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