Press Release – 15 Feb 1996

PRESS RELEASE – American Natural Foods Team Takes Top Awards With Vegetarian Display

FEBRUARY 15, 1996

Hartford, Connecticut – The American Natural Foods Team, under the direction of ANF President Ron Pickarski, has won a Gold medal (the only gold awarded with a perfect score), the Most Creative Show Award, and the Board of Director’s Award for their Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine displayed at the Connecticut Chef’s Association Culinary Salon.

The event took place February 12th at the Radission Hotel in Cromwell, Connecticut, where individual chefs from the New England a region displayed their culinary art.  Categories of the competition were: hot food displayed cold (the category for the ANF team’s display), cold food, and pastries.   With no special category for vegetarian food, the awards reaped at this competition are especially significant since the display consisted entirely of plant-based foods, including grains, beans, nuts, seeds, land and sea vegetables and sea vegetables, and fruits.  Unlike the other displays, no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy foods were used.

In Addition to the other awards, the Mediterranean Platter received an award for the Most Outstanding Vegan Dish which featured Fu Crusted Pesto Polenta with Pistachios, Saffron Ravioli with Seitan Pine Nut Filling, Steamed Tempeh with Red Lentil Duxelle, Sauce Renaissance, Balsamic Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Medley of Roasted Peppers, Fennel, Leeks & Black Olives.   The entire award-winning display consisted of the dish above, plus a seven course dinner, a three course luncheon, and a Boson Sea Vegetable Platter.

The six-member American Natural Foods Team consists of Ron Pickarski, CEC (team captain, Brookline, MA), George Simons (team manager, Brookline, MA), Mark Shadle (It’s Only Natural, Middletown, CT), Guy Hemond (Boston Back Bay Hilton, Boston, MA), Chad Brodkin (Mt. Laurel Resort, Whitehaven, PA), and Bo Celotto (Green Street Café, Northhampton, MA). Alfonso Contrisciani, CMC, (Providence, RI), served as team coach.

American Nat4ural Foods, Inc. is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization.  Corporate donations for this event and future culinary competitions leading up to and including the International Culinary Olympics or Internationnale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA), September 8-12, 1996 in Berlin, Germany, is being provided by Arrowhead Mills Inc. (Hereford TX), Boston Back Bay Hilton, Devansoy Farms Inc. (Carroll, IA), Garden of Eatin’ Inc. (Los Angeles, CA), Eco-Cuisine Inc. (Brookline, MA), and Food Integrated Technologies Inc. (Brookline, MA).

Photos, video and recipes available upon request

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