History of Culinary Olympics

The History of International
Culinary Olympics



1996 was the Centennial anniversary of the International Culinary Olympics and a historical moment for the ANF and vegan vegetarian Cuisine in that the IKA implemented for the first time a vegetarian category.  The 1996 Gold Medal shown above was won by Chef Ron Pickarski and the American Natural Foods Team.  It was the first ever vegan vegetarian gold won in that category and the crowning achievement of the ANF Culinary Olympic Team.  The team also won a second bronze medal in the competition.

International Culinary Olympics (IKA) and
The American Natural Foods Culinary Olympics Team

The International Culinary Exhibition, well-known to the most chefs as IKA or “Culinary Olympics”, was carried out for the first time in Frankfurt on the Main in the year 1896 by the former Director of the German Chefs at that time, Carl Matthaus Banzer. Every four years the biggest and most traditional culinary exhibition takes place. It has become the Mecca for cooks and patissiers worldwide. This professional competition has numerous nations from all over the world competing for Olympic Gold in Erfurt.

The objective of the competition is to advance the cuisine of participating nations while sharing it internationally with the world.  The competition also enables the participating chefs to learn about other cooking cultures while testing their skills in the same way sports Olympics tests the skills of athletes.  The International competition sharpens individual culinary skills, demonstrates a country’s cuisine to the world and allows chefs to see how they compare with foreign counterparts. Team members share camaraderie, train together and learn from each other.  Professionally an additional purpose of the competition is the assessment of chefs’ skills while educating and inspiring and advancing the culinary skills of the next generation of young aspiring professional cooks.  Well educated chefs are vital for the success of the restaurant sector and imperative to any country who survives on Epicurean tourism.

Google International Culinary Olympics if your are interested in learning more about the completion go to http://www.culinary-olympics.com/.

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