ANF CVC Update

ANF CVC UPDATE August 23, 2013 Friday In Mid July I flew into Las Vegas for a day to meet with the World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS) Board of Directors from all over the Globe. They are in full support of the CVC and are taking the sustainable approach with the vegetarianism. What is […]

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Vegetarian Sustainability

Vegetarian Sustainability When I first read “Diet For A Small Planet” by Francis Moore Lappe the message was clearly a sustainable food source cannot be maintained by a global population dieting high on the food chain.  I think we would all agree that a meat based diet is unsustainable.  The position of consuming foods high […]

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Is Vegetarianism 21st Century Dietary Medicine?

Is Vegetarianism 21st Century Dietary Medicine? Dr. Henry Bieler, M.D., in his book Food Is Your Best Medicine practiced the use of food to primarily prevent and in some cases cure disease. It was the first book I read on my dietary transformation and it set me off on the right path to prevent those […]

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Vegetarianism: Is it a cuisine or activist movement? Or is it perhaps a health driven cuisine perhaps fueled by values driven activists  (environment, animal rights, and religious convictions, etc.)? Since

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Understanding Vegetarianism

November 9, 2012 THE CHEF’S CHALLENGE: UNDERSTANDING VEGETARIANISM Is vegetarianism a special diet or a cuisine?  Diet comes from the Greek word “diatia” meaning a way of life or manner of living.  In our modern age it is often referred to as the kind and amount of food prescribed to a person for a specific […]

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