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August 23, 2013 Friday

In Mid July I flew into Las Vegas for a day to meet with the World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS) Board of Directors from all over the Globe. They are in full support of the CVC and are taking the sustainable approach with the vegetarianism. What is inspirational about WACS Board is their culinary consciousness in a professional manner. They see the importance of a sustainability food supply and its relationship of vegetarianism as a cuisine essential to human health.

My spirit believes that such culinary consciousness is the foundation upon which vegetarian cuisine will continue in popularity and eventually become the primary cuisine in human nutrition. Like the global stage of the Culinary Olympics, where my journey started in 1980, WACS is the global platform for the CVC. The ANF’s CVC program is going global and it has the backing of master chefs. I am very blest to have two great institutions (WACS and Hocking College) behind the ANF’s efforts to develop the CVC program. I should be finished with the curriculum and beginning the process of self publishing by October 1st. Soon after I will be traveling to Ohio to meet with Master Chef Contrisiciani CMC and Hocking College’s Educational Team to negotiate licensing agreement and begin the process of developing the online program. The book and program should be ready to launch by the end of the 1st quarter or beginning of the second quarter of 2013. The ANF will need to produce training videos, power point presentations, etc., for the on line program.

The text book will be available for sale on the ANF website and it will be modified to work to personal cooks. The same disciplines applied in the professional kitchen are relevant to personal cooking. We all want great cuisine and took cook it quickly with as few high quality food ingredients as economically as possible. While the personal cook is the secondary market at this time the ANF’s goal is helping everyone understand and integrate vegan vegetarian cuisine into everyone’s diet.

Ron Pickarski

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